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Fact: Fewer people have rowed an ocean than HAVE CLIMBED EVEREST

The first ocean rowers were Norwegian born American emigrants, Frank Samuelsen and George Harbo, who rowed an open woodenboat from New York to France in 1896. Since their successful crossing, Ocean rowing has grown in popularity and has been noted as “the New Everest”. To date, nearly 300 people have rowed an ocean with the majority of these voyages on the Atlantic, with traditional monohull ocean rowing boats.

until 2009, when Roc Expedition, sets the new standarts with their revolutionary multihull designs and builds Fastest Ocean rowing Trimaran in The World - "Triton" (Hallin marine), and First ever Ocean rowing catamaran - "Big Blue", only ocean rowing boat equipped with fresh water shower and an actual toilet.

Roc Expedition is the only company in USA that offers designing, building and outfitting Ocean Rowing boats, as well as orginizing affordable ocean rowing expeditions on record setting routes.

Join us for 2012-2013 expeditions onboard our ocean rowing catamaran, Big Blue.

Caribbean Sea row from Barbados-Jamaica-Mexico.

Pacific Ocean row from California to Hawaii.

Atlantic Ocean Row Morocco to Barbados.


First boat to come out of Roc Expedition stable was Triton ( Hallin Marine)

Hallin Marine is the second multihull rowing boat ever built in the world. She is a
six-man boat, 40 feet long, and her outriggers (or amas) span over 26 feet.
She is a super-light racing boat, weighing far less than traditional monohull ocean rowing boats.

Congratulations Team Hallin !!!



Next and most technologically advanced boat was BIG BLUE Worlds first Ocean rowing catamaran.Big Blue is outfitted with 8 rowing positions, spacious cabin with sleeping quarters for 8 people and lot's ofstorage space. 4 X 230 watt solar panels, 2 X 400 watt wind generators ( charging 4 X 150 amp/hr batteries ) ,2 X E-80 Katadyn water makers, 2 X 8 person life rafts, custom designed and latest navigation equipment.

Big Blue has successfully crossed an Atlantic ocean in 2011

Congratulations Team Big Blue!!!

Team Big Blue has secured their place in Guinness world records in 4 categories

First team of 16 to row any ocean

First female to row oceans three times

Oldest person to row across any ocean

Oldest male to row across any ocean

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